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3 April 2009

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Calico Cygne
30 March 2009

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28 March 2009

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Mermaid and Dolphins
26 March 2009

Recent Comments

Alain on We Are the Bees of the Invisible
C'est visiblement très beau!

omid on Sparrow in the Sky
:) Lovely!

beach on Sparrow in the Sky
Good capture.

Luca Bobbiesi on Sparrow in the Sky
Wonderful shot!!!

Ardith on Sparrow in the Sky
A work of art!

Alain on Sparrow in the Sky
Sublime!! quel art!

Existence Artistique on Sparrow in the Sky

Ardith on Blessed Art Thou
Now that's a closeup! Thankfully the swans are fond of you!!!

Alain on Blessed Art Thou
Une texture paradisiaque pour un oeil magnifique!

Ardith on Sunflowers & Sparrow
That little bird knows a good place to hide when he sees one! You get kudos for finding him!!

Alain on Blessed Be the Wild
Bienvenue dans un paradis! Très beau.

Alain on Sunflowers & Sparrow
Un camoufflage exquis! Une belle oeuvre.

Ardith on Blessed Be the Wild
beautiful capture indeed.....lovely blossoms!

Nina on Blessed Be the Wild
tolle Farben, eine wunderschöne Nahaufnahme :))

Ardith on Sleep Like a Baby
so so adorable! fuzzy little baby! You must have been smiling when pointing the camera!

Alain on Sleep Like a Baby
D'une beauté gigantesque!

Ardith on Mouse & Sun Ltd.
You keep on outdoing yourself!! Amazing pic!

Alain on Mouse & Sun Ltd.
Une rencontre aux contours magiques!

Alain on Beauty and the Bee
Dans le détail: l'art du très bon!

Alain on The Happy Bee
Quel régal!

Ardith on The Happy Bee
My goodness...that bee is doing an Irish jig!!! And you were there to see it!

Ardith on Beauty and the Bee
Great play on words!! Clever you....Pic is magnificent!

beach on Beauty and the Bee
Great title. Now I have the song running around in my head.

Alain on Sunflower Flare
Une photo source de vie dans le moindre détail.

omid on The Happy Couple
L O V E L Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omid on Sunflower Flare
very nice shot! Lovely!

Ardith on Sunflower Flare
These sunflowers must be Utopia for the bees!

Ardith on The Happy Couple
Twins undoubtedly! Gorgeous colors!

Alain on The Happy Couple
Un duo infernal de beauté!

Harry on The Happy Couple
beautiful color

Alain on The Window Watcher
Curieux, espiègle, et si bien mis en valeur!

omid on The Window Watcher
:) L O V E L Y !!!

Ardith on The Window Watcher
Oh how adorable!! Looks like he's saying...please let me come in!!

Ehsan Hemmati on Once Upon a Sunny Afternoon
Amazing Congratulations on your Spotlight !

Ardith on Moon Mountain

Existence Artistique on Moon Mountain

Alain on Moon Mountain

Existence Artistique on Sweet, Sweet Summer
un travail bien recherché

Alain on Sweet, Sweet Summer
Un goûter des yeux qui sent si bon.

Ardith on Sweet, Sweet Summer
You're finding all the goodies of summer! And you do it with great style....

beach on Sweet, Sweet Summer
Nothing better than strawberries straight off the vine.

Hiro on Once Upon a Sunny Afternoon
This is fantastic ! Bravo !!

Ruthiebear on Once Upon a Sunny Afternoon
Congratulations on your SPOTLIGHT!

Mhelene on Once Upon a Sunny Afternoon
Wonderful ! Congratulations on your Spotlight !

Alain on Farm Fresh Eggs
Une photo bien nidifiée et porteuse de bonheur.

Nina on Farm Fresh Eggs
ein feines Bild in schönem Licht

Elaine Hancock on Once Upon a Sunny Afternoon
Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on the Spotlight!

omid on Farm Fresh Eggs
Mmm...! :) Lovely!

omid on Once Upon a Sunny Afternoon
& Congratulations! :)

Ardith on Farm Fresh Eggs
It's a beautiful still life....I'm curious about the speckled ones!

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